And with that single word, Naughty Dog created one of the greatest video game endings of all time.


Dept. of Surprise Smut

The National Journal:

Since 1983, Larry Flynt has sent the monthly magazine he founded, Hustler, to each and every member of Congress.

The dirty mag comes in a plain manila envelope, fairly undetectable to the poor intern or staffer tasked with opening the mail. And every month, there it is: Hustler, featuring dozens of naked or scantly dressed women, vulgar comics, and articles, some satirical, on politics, society, and sex.

It’s not like members of Congress haven’t tried to stop the magazines from coming. They just can’t stop it legally.

Back in 2006, when I was still at The Stranger weekly newspaper here in Seattle, I had a chance to interview the great James Ellroy. It was a surreal experience, with Ellroy — who was on the road promoting the film version of his book The Black Dahlia — dominating the conversation from the outset. Among the curveballs he threw me: which actress in the film I would fuck if given a comped month at the Four Seasons in Fiji; why Ellroy wanted to get a big dog; and how being “fucked-up” about women is a “blast.”

Like I said, surreal.

And then there was the moment when Ellroy, who had written the book My Dark Places about the murder of his own mother, offered up this without prompting:

You know what my ex-wife said? She said, “You’ve got to go to the Venice Film Festival and fuck Mia Kirshner, because it’s as close as you’re going to get to fucking the Black Dahlia, and by extension your mom.” [Laughs] Spoken like an ex-wife.

I’ve been re-reading Edmund Morris’s rather remarkable — and unjustly maligned — Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan. From his account of the March 30, 1981 attempt on Reagan’s life:

Most chilling of all was the random accuracy of John Hinckley, Jr.’ s bullets. Four men mown down in less than two seconds by a person impossible to see either before or after the chattering explosions; rain; ricochets; a mad scrimmage; yet within all the chaos, an accidental geometry so precise as to bring Reagan to the edge of death. Let A-B, passing between plane 1 and parabola 2, intersect with L-M at (x)… We had no idea how close the President actually came to dying that afternoon.

Dept. of Nice Work, If You Can Get It


Yahoo released a proxy filing today that spelled out exactly what its COO Henrique De Castro made for his 15-month tenure before being fired by CEO Marissa Mayer in January for poor performance: Roughly $96 million.